Wednesday, December 30

I Wonder

I wonder
Why does the river flow unceasingly
Ecstatic to meet the ocean
I wonder
Why does my heart skip a beat
Ecstatic to meet a face unseen

I wonder
Why does sugar
Make everything sweeter
Why does a candle
Make everything brighter
I wonder
Why does it seem that sugar
And candle have learned it from her

I wonder
By spreading their merry songs in the golden hours
What secret pleasure do the birds gain
I wonder
Why does my foolish heart yearn moment
After moment to talk with her again

I wonder
Who teaches a butterfly
To fly
A baby
To cry
I wonder
Why do her words make
Me high

I wonder
Why in cheer and in tear
In wisdom and in foolishness
In gladness and in sadness
In youth and in withering age
Nothing would be meaningful
Nothing would be complete
Without her
I wonder
Why is life
Best enjoyed together

- Pavan Daxini 
December 30, 2015

Tuesday, November 6

When I'm Feelin' Blue

What can I do
When my muse be away
From me a-shy,
Just like the old lady in the moon
Hidin' behind, a
Thousand dark clouds
On a stormy night.

I shudder, I tremble, I shiver when
I see the storm a-come
Hear the thunder a-roar
For no shoulder is left for me, no 
Shoulder more, to rest
My weary head on.

O Dark Ones, I pray
You, who are a-marchin'
Are a-howlin', and a-blowin'
Across all lands,
Rivers and sea!
You, whose dark eyes
Clearly see,
All that is vanity.

If, in some faraway land,
My Mary you sight,
Like a honeybee
Lost at the hour of dusk
Away from her lov'd ones
Forlorn and sad
Even in the freedom
Of the vast forest filled with
Infinite flowers.

Would you not be so
Kind, I pray
To take my message across
And say
She is equally being miss'd
At home.

But, if you sight my Mary
A-bloom like a flower of Marigold
At the break of dawn
Mist on all her petals unfold
Enjoyin' the gentle sunlight
A-immerse in the music
Of birds chirpin' in their flight
Equally happy and content.

Tell her not, I pray
All which I'm goin' through,
Trapp'd in this abyss,
This eternal darkness where
No one but you can see, me
Ever whinin', and pinin', and
Wishin' only
To see her face.

Ah! the dark clouds have clear'd
And the storm is over yonder
The moon is yellow
And the night is young
Oh! just what can I do
When I'm feelin' blue.

6 November, 2012

Sunday, December 25

I Know Why the Nightingale Sings Tonight

Oh! tonight 'tis true What the nightingale sings With her unfolded wings, for she Learnt from the wind, utter A sigh. 'twas sometime Earlier this night, the wind Overheard the brook, which Whisper'd to a passing creek, of The story the pebbles told, when Down her banks they rush'd And roll'd. 'twas sometime Earlier this evening, the pebbles I threw in the brook, as Many as I could reach, and with Single each, single only was the Name, which escap'd lips of mine Of you. Five and a twenty cold nights Have come and gone, since You went afar and I'm alone. Remember The Adieu I wished? And Nary has a moment
Pass'd in which Have you not been Solemnly missed. And tonight 'tis true What the nightingale sings With her unfoldeed wings, for she Spreads in the open air, the song of My quiescent despair. So tonight I picked up the stones. And With a deep sigh, I Threw and watch'd them Roll. And off they Roll'd! And on they Float'd! In a moment they Drown'd! Helplessly Drifting away Into the stream. Oh! tonight, Baby you’re away, and I Feel helpless, yes 'tis true. Tonight, it's Christmas eve. The nightingale Sings, the wind blows, the stream Flows, Christ Is born, and I am Just as helpless as A rolling stone.

- Pavan
25th December, 2011

Thursday, September 1

has to
tiptoe lightly
and steal up
to one’s
you don’t
the water
when you are

A Solitary Sailor

Those days, they were dark,
Those nights - often cold,
Soon it began to rain,
Never did it stop again.

There was flood,
Water, water, everywhere,
And I know not how,
I was able to survive.

There was blood,
Dead bodies, floating, everywhere,
And I know not how,
I am still able to breathe.

Over the horizon a faint ray,
First few sparkles of sunlight,
No soul to be seen near my boat,
For everybody is long dead.

And I keep floating alone,
Boat aimlessly wandering,
Here, there, somewhere,
I have nowhere to sail to,
Does anybody out there,
Want to sail too?

I want to breathe,
In the open air,
Does anybody out there,
Want to breathe too?

- Pavan