Tuesday, November 6

When I'm Feelin' Blue

What can I do
When my muse be away
From me a-shy,
Just like the old lady in the moon
Hidin' behind, a
Thousand dark clouds
On a stormy night.

I shudder, I tremble, I shiver when
I see the storm a-come
Hear the thunder a-roar
For no shoulder is left for me, no 
Shoulder more, to rest
My weary head on.

O Dark Ones, I pray
You, who are a-marchin'
Are a-howlin', and a-blowin'
Across all lands,
Rivers and sea!
You, whose dark eyes
Clearly see,
All that is vanity.

If, in some faraway land,
My Mary you sight,
Like a honeybee
Lost at the hour of dusk
Away from her lov'd ones
Forlorn and sad
Even in the freedom
Of the vast forest filled with
Infinite flowers.

Would you not be so
Kind, I pray
To take my message across
And say
She is equally being miss'd
At home.

But, if you sight my Mary
A-bloom like a flower of Marigold
At the break of dawn
Mist on all her petals unfold
Enjoyin' the gentle sunlight
A-immerse in the music
Of birds chirpin' in their flight
Equally happy and content.

Tell her not, I pray
All which I'm goin' through,
Trapp'd in this abyss,
This eternal darkness where
No one but you can see, me
Ever whinin', and pinin', and
Wishin' only
To see her face.

Ah! the dark clouds have clear'd
And the storm is over yonder
The moon is yellow
And the night is young
Oh! just what can I do
When I'm feelin' blue.

6 November, 2012