Saturday, April 23

I Remember You

Saw your face in the crowd the other day,
I remember what you used to say,
Remember those songs we used to sing,
The memories of the old times still ring.

The forever blinding gaze,
Surrounded by the Christmas lights,
And that staring endlessly,
Into cold starry nights.

With hand in hand,
Remember that moonlight walk?
The sound of outdrawn breaths?
Overhearing the mute cries?
Yeah! I remember you.

Bounded by the silent reproach,
Words sometimes sound so meek,
Few unsolicited questions,
And a couple of answers to seek.

The time has flew,
The years passed in haze,
Plastic smiles that survived,
Tears been long vaporized,
Old memories now amaze.

It's Christmas Eve,
Sitting by the attic I look past the horizon,
The remembrance surrounds the night,
And the lights still shine so bright.

On the table lay two cups of coffee,
And some shear and strain,
Besides rests an empty chair,
And no one to brew the pain.

Trains of thoughts rush by,
The fondling recall, that first kiss,
The heart forever crushed by,
The same old wish.

The Santa flew past my house,
His sleigh shining bright and blue,
Quickly vanishes he with his bagful of gifts,
And I remember you.
24 April, 2011


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Devanshi said...

New changes made it even better...:^)
very nice !

Pavan Daxini said...
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Pavan Daxini said...

Thanks Devanshi! :-)

Anonymous said...

good poem. nice. :)

Pavan Daxini said...

Thanks stranger! :)

dreamer............ said...

Wow... nice..

Pooja said...

I'm so touched. By the poem as well as the tags. :)

Nisha said...

really nice.. love the warmth of the poem...:)