Wednesday, December 30

I Wonder

I wonder
Why does the river flow unceasingly
Ecstatic to meet the ocean
I wonder
Why does my heart skip a beat
Ecstatic to meet a face unseen

I wonder
Why does sugar
Make everything sweeter
Why does a candle
Make everything brighter
I wonder
Why does it seem that sugar
And candle have learned it from her

I wonder
By spreading their merry songs in the golden hours
What secret pleasure do the birds gain
I wonder
Why does my foolish heart yearn moment
After moment to talk with her again

I wonder
Who teaches a butterfly
To fly
A baby
To cry
I wonder
Why do her words make
Me high

I wonder
Why in cheer and in tear
In wisdom and in foolishness
In gladness and in sadness
In youth and in withering age
Nothing would be meaningful
Nothing would be complete
Without her
I wonder
Why is life
Best enjoyed together

- Pavan Daxini 
December 30, 2015

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