Tuesday, November 9


Underneath moonlit skies, on curving yellow roads we walked,
Over elating highlands, warm rainforests her shadows I stalked.

In some silent whispers, couple of nameless songs she hummed,
Insinuating ideas dusted and newfangled alike, and we talked!

Enjoying unblemished sunshine a marsh harrier upon us flew,
Fresh smells of flowing seas of blue mountains and rambling squirrels it blew.

She told me of her grandpa’s old clock, about how much he cared,
Other funny little stories of her childhood she shared.

And I listened wondering all the while,
Upon a green leaf and little orange flowers, a butterfly hovered meanwhile.

“So Cute!” Pointed Mrs. Wayne to her husband and their only son,
A small fist extended as the boy captured the fly, just for the sake of fun!

A lion roared in vicinity, out Mr. Wayne took his shredded gun,
Four thousand feet above us all a German fighter-plane flew, under the hooded sun.

The butterfly escaped the fists, the plane dived,
The lion roared again, the harrier smiled.

Her dimples flashed In the sun,
"Bang!" roared Wayne's aforementioned gun.

I told her a joke which one I don’t remember now,
But it did make her laugh, her beautiful smile leaving a faint afterglow.

The bullet traveled through the air,
Cutting through all the love and despair.

Faster and faster it moved death etched upon its nose,
The shrewd king of jungle jumped, missing the bullet quite close.

Straight the bullet traveled ‘cause it still had to kill,
And it pierced right through her heart leaving her silent still.

Impending upon her doom she lay down on the grass, quieten and motionless,
The ghost of her last laugh still etched upon her face.

A teardrop fell upon her body, the harrier joining in silent requiem.
And I sat beside her despairingly hoping for another such bullet to come.

Thinking of all the mountains together we crossed,
Only to be met by an end so glum, so sad.

Unaware we were of our destiny, but it hardly matters,
Her stories remain untold, the journey never ends.

4 November, 2010

An afterthought:
But then it’s never the journey that terminates, is it?


theabrain said...

its nice yaar.
really visual and touching.
Keep it up! :)

Pavan Daxini said...

thanks denny :)