Sunday, November 14

A Lovely Saturday

Over the hilly town
Under the dead nun's gown
Have put it down
But somehow
Can’t find it now
Can’t locate grave of the nun
Under the burning sun
But I won't give up
Will return when the moon shines
And the silver fox cries

Find my paper crown
I will burn the place down
Sit atop the banyan tree
Enjoying the off spree
Watching the world burn free

Cherish the moment
Enjoy every last scream
People burning while still in their dream 
Will dance naked over dead bodies
Eat the flesh of children

And when I am all fed up
I will consider my mistakes undone
For god is kind
Having a sound mind

I shall confess all my crimes
Beat up my back couple of times
My sins, be forgiven

And someday 
When I meet Him
We shall ride horses made of clay
And to Him I would say
"It was a lovely Saturday!"

14 November, 2010


Pavan Daxini said...

Thanks Samir bhaiya for the crisp editing.

anubha said...

like any other creation of yours, I love this too!! :)
imagery goes awesome with you! :)
do keep writing and sharing!

Pavan Daxini said...

thanks anubha!