Thursday, November 18

Been There

Been there, seen it
Your smile your pet mouse
Both inside your wooden house
Upon the mountain inside the stone

But your mouse is dead your smile stolen
Your furniture broken your cousin grown fat
Bet your insurance company
Didn’t know anything about that

I still remember our first kiss
Going to the movies, flying the red kites
The trip to Albino, our first few fights

Shades of gray lingering between
All the blacks and the whites
Happy times, sad days, desperate nights

But when I needed your love the most
Your condolences, your advice
You were never there
No one to hear my cries
For you were dancing in the distance
With the tall guys

Never thought you will leave someday
Was it so easy to betray
When I was exhausted you threw me away
Just like an empty bottle of spray

Sometimes, in my dreams, can sense you
Hear your footsteps, can hear their distant sound
My fears shake me up, from dreams they wake me up
And there is nothing but emptiness to be found

Took long to realize you were gone
Considered jumping from the stone
Loveless, desperate and vulnerable
I was left, all alone

But the seasons have changed
The crows now sing in melodic tone
The owls have grown smarter
The person I was long lost long forgone

I should have known you will leave someday
That it is easy to betray
You will throw my exhausted soul away
Just like an empty bottle of spray

When I needed your love the most
Your condolences your advice
You danced with the guys, squat and tall
While my cries echoed in the empty hall
No you were never there

But I have been there
Have killed your mouse stolen your smile
Broken your furniture it took me some while
But your cousin growing fat
Now I have nothing to do with that!

15 November, 2010

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